Waveform 1U Cat Carrier Case 60HP DIY Project #7

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The Waveform 1U Cat Carrier Case is a portable 60HP 1U case that can piggyback on the Waveform Mewsic Box or stand alone on it’s own four paws. You can even chain multiple units for a custom 1U setup all your own. It’s easy to assemble and comes with everything you need; case, screws, shrouded headers, rails, nuts, and Mewsic Box attachment tabs. It can be powered either via a traditional 1U power supply [available elsewhere], or with the Waveform Power Connect modules. The Power Connect modules work by adding one cable attachment module to your 3U rig and one to the Cat Carrier, and tapping into the power rails in your 3U rig and transferring that power through the modules by use of a standard 16 pin cable. The instructions on how to build all of this can be found on our Build Guide page. Faceplate is black with silver.

All Waveform 1U modules as well as the Waveform 1U Cat Carrier Case use the Intellijel 1U size format.

Kit/Assembled case includes: case parts, rails, nuts, screws, shrouded headers, adapter tabs for Mewsic Box attachment

Power Connector option includes: 1U Power Connect module, 3U Power Connect module, 1 short cable for connecting the 1U Power Connect to the power on the Cat Carrier, 1 medium length cable for connecting the 3U Power Connect module to your system, and one medium cable for connecting the 1U and 3U Power Connect modules. PLEASE NOTE* If you are using a system other than the Mewsic Box you may need to source your own 16 to 16 pin cable of appropriate length to connect the 1U and 3U Power Connect modules.

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