Zorx Electronics


by Sam Chittenden

ADDAC's latest module in its T-Networks series, the 106 VC T-NOISEWORKS is a nice and straightforward 4-voice percussion module. The 106 is an all manual affair with no voltage control over any of the voice parameters or output muting. Immediately usable and fun, it is a great option for some basic percussive tones or even some experimental noise making. In ADDAC's typically dense format the 106 provides 4 individual noise-based voices with manual control over frequency and decay in just 4HP. Three of the voices have a timbre switch that toggles a high-pass filter in order to get more metallic hat sounds. The unit has individual inputs and outputs for each voice along with a summed mix output. Additionally the outputs can be switched between a trigger mode, an envelope mode, or muted. When a switch is set to trigger mode, incoming signals are converted into a 1ms trigger and in envelope mode the internal VCA simply follows the incoming signal or gate.

The first 3 voices are identical in controls and are well suited to producing hi-hat, clap, and snare-like timbres while the fourth voice is geared toward creating rounder bongo to bass drum tones.

Voices 1-4 feature one pot for tuning the pitch of the noise circuit and one pot to set the length of that voice's decay [a slew circuit that is then fed into the internal VCA]. The first three voices allow you to select between a "hat" and "snare" setting. With the switch up on "hat" the integrated high-pass makes it a breeze to dial in some crispy hits. Having the three identical voices is great for exploring everything from more traditional closed and open hi-hats and snare to more metallic hits and noise blasts.

Voice four,—set up for more bottom end without too much effort— is where a nice tubby bass drum can be found. It's easy to add a bit of attack and some dirt by tweaking the decay control, and in addition to the frequency pot, voice four also has a range switch with a high, medium, and low option. In high range the voice can be tuned from sub-audible frequencies to chirpy chips. The medium and low ranges allow for a more fine-tuned [ahem] approach for tweaking that perfect bass tone or plunky hit.

At 1hp per voice, the T-NOISEWORKS punches above its weight, especially if you are looking for an economical way to get some percussion into your Eurorack set up. With no voltage control over the frequency or decay of the voices—unless you dive in with those digits—the T-NOISEWORKS is more of a set-it-and-forget-it type of module but with a little creative patching there are some interesting and unique timbres to be found. Experimenting with some heavily modulated audio rate signals into the inputs [both in trigger or envelope mode] produced some surprising, interesting, and funky rhythms and bursts; a surprising layer to this module. Easy to learn and dead simple to use, the ADDAC106 excels at crunchy and dirty drums sounds [especially with the mix out on "dirt"] and most of the voices have a lot of high end artifact-like crackle to them. The ADDAC 106 is hard to beat [see what I did there] for simple yet characterful drums that will stand out and add life to any patch.

4HP +12V 40mA -12V 40mA

Price: 160€