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Andrew Ostler - Rolling Like A Bullet

Andrew Ostler - Rolling Like A Bullet

by Tom Ojendyk

Andrew Ostler’s second solo record showcases his new-found knack for tape looping with two beautiful side-long pieces of prime electro-acoustic ambient drone. Using a vintage Akai reel-to-reel tape machine, Ostler looped contrabass clarinet, added some effects and additional electronics, and created almost lo-fi minimalist compositions that are engaging and engrossing, with a mix of subtle and concise arrangements. The tracks are called “Whispering” and “Quietly” which gives you a good idea what to expect with this record, and for Ostler the focus is on the beauty of the drone; he doesn’t clutter the music with anything that seems unnecessary or out of place. Both pieces are around the 20-minute mark but never overstay their welcome, and new motifs are discovered with each listen.

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