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Beauty_Hunters - Muscle Memory

Beauty_Hunters - Muscle Memory

by Ian Rapp

Beauty_Hunter’s Muscle Memory comes with 3D glasses [with the vinyl version] for...I’m not sure why? First track/side one, “The Unbelievable Cycle” is an aggressive, brooding, pulsing, long droney throb— I mean that in the absolute best of ways— in the grimey industrial electronic sleazerock realm.

Side two’s “The Gentleman Of The Other Firm Often Lay In Wait For Us Here” unnervingly constant buzz/bell some murky spoken word, semi-dorky synth lead, creepy creepy vibes all around. Better hide in the backseat if a van with a blinking yellow light comes around! “Fried Eggs For Everyone” is more of the same. Seriously, get your kids out of the house. Muscle Memory is a great record. Note to people: This is how you do it. Recommended. Highly.