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Bill Horist - Tastemaker Epics

Bill Horist - Tastemaker Epics

by Tom Ojendyk

Seattle-based Bill Horist’s latest release of prepared guitar is a remarkable set of experimental improvisations recorded live to a 2-track without any overdubs. Tastemaker Epics sounds both worldly and alien and mixes drone with melodies that are both curious and captivating. Using a drum cymbal, long threaded wire, magnets, surgical locking pliers, an electric juicer blade, a small electric fan, nails, corks, cloth, aluminum foil, screwdrivers, scrub brush, singing bowls, and possibly other mad tools, Horist coaxes an unlimited supply of new sounds that shows the possibilities of what a prepared guitar can do in the right hands. While some might feel like this type of music is mysterious and dark, the truth is that Tastemaker Epics is rooted in nature and there is much beauty to be found in the abstract.

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