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Boodaman - The Ninth Planet

Boodaman - The Ninth Planet

by Ellison Wolf

Swiss artist Boodaman’s (Stéphane Caviglioli) latest release, the thirteen track The Ninth Planet, is an amalgamation of ambient textures with New Order-ish electronic grooves, and patterned counterpoint melodies that weave throughout, rewarding multiple listens. The album’s theme, things which seem attainable but are always out of reach, sets the melancholic tone. Opener “First Movement” is a dance track that shows off a flair for moody melodies, and “Maxity” does the same, building a beautiful sequence to a fervor before dropping off and starting over again and again. Title track “The Ninth Planet” is a Carlosian 2023 space venture, a signal to the cosmos with nary a reply, but a beat for sure, while “Hope” is a standout dance track enveloped in sadness. The Ninth Planet

struck a chord with me and made me wonder what it is about the unattainable that makes it so desirable?