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Brett Naucke - Multiple Hallucinations

Brett Naucke - Multiple Hallucinations

by Tim Held

I first got acquainted with Brett Naucke's Multiple Hallucinations while driving for the last time over Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct [RIP], my favorite strip of local highway.

11 minutes into the first of two 15 minute tracks, “Hallucinations I-XVII”, is where Naucke's sequences of flute-like leads dance over a thudded out, slow and entrancing rhythm. The song’s sonic strata was an aural representation of what I saw from my drivers seat of ferries taking off and docking as the was sun was setting. As I approached the end of the Viaduct the track grew darker and breathed a bittersweet closure to this somewhat somber passage.

“Hallucinations I-XVII” faded out and the second track, “Hallucinations XIX-XXV”, squawked, blipped, and blarged like a modular system patched by a confused demon. Then, like an angel of salvation, lush pads surfaced and shone a light on all of the devilish chaos.

Listening to Multiple Hallucinations is an emotionally morphing experience that gives more and more with every listen.