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Daughter - Raum

Daughter - Raum

by Tom Ojendyk

Following last year’s stunning Grouper Shade release, Liz Harris, along with San Francisco-based Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, reunite for the second Raum release that is dedicated to the late Paul Clipson, an experimental filmmaker who passed away in 2018. Composed of seven pieces, the music is intended to be played without gaps as the tracks blend into each other giving everything a sense of continuity. The music is somber and deep with echoed-out pianos, field recordings, and loops, creating a lo-fi minimalist drone that captures the grief felt from the loss of a friend. The record’s closing track “Passage” is twenty minutes of a haunting piano melody on top of a quiet but distorted drone that gives the listener a sense of finality. A very wonderful release and a touching tribute to Paul.

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