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Duane Pitre - Omniscient Voices

Duane Pitre - Omniscient Voices

by Ian Rapp

I first knew of Duane Pitre as a team-rider for the famed midwest- based Alien Workshop skateboard company, and while that’s a worth‐ while association, his experimental music gives a better reason to be acquainted with the Louisiana native. His first full-length release in five years, Omniscient Voices—released by one of my favorite labels, IMPREC—is composed of piano in just intonation and electronics, and is a contemplative
affair. With echoes of Reich, Glass, and Gorecki, one can imagine the visuals playing out in the background as the electronics creep, the piano sustains, and the pieces intensify. There’s something sinister in the sounds, yet hopeful in the playing; an interesting contradiction. It’s composed, deliberate, controlled; cool.