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Duet Emmo - Or So It Seems

Duet Emmo - Or So It Seems

by Tom Ojendyk

Duet Emmo was a collaboration between Mute head-honcho/The Normal mastermind Daniel Miller and Wire’s Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis. This welcome reissue was remastered from the original tapes by Stefan Betke [Pole] and has been expanded to include the remix of the title track that originally came out on a separate 12” EP. The music is an inspired mix of Gilbert and Lewis’ experimentalism and Miller’s more melodic leanings. It's cohesive, thrilling, and odd, yet still approachable. “Long Sledge” is the longest and most avant-garde track and over the course of 16 minutes the track slowly adds layers of sounds that wash over the listener with intensity. Other tracks like “Or So It Seems” and “The First Person” are more pop-oriented. The record still sounds modern and fresh and should appeal to fans of any of the members more well-known work as well experimental music fans in general.