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Jake Meginsky - Trinities

Jake Meginsky - Trinities

by Tom Ojendyk

Jake Meginsky has released several solo albums and has an impressive list of music collaborations, as well as directing the 2018 documentary on drummer extraordinaire and overall amazing person, Milford Graves, who sadly passed away in 2021 and who inspired this great and gorgeous new release of experimental electro-acoustic music. According to the record’s bio, the music was inspired by Milford’s notion of the primacy of threes as “a fundamental pattern in the universe—and the lowest, strongest and most generative structure in rhythm.” The music is very free, immersive, and intriguingly mysterious. The sounds on Trinities are echoed out and Meginsky utilizes space to create a lot of breathing room that adds to the feel of the pieces. The music is highly experimental and not centered around traditional pillars of music, but it’s truly wonderful, engaging, and original and should appeal those with open ears and an open mind.

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