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Meagan Jane Marron - Mast EP

Meagan Jane Marron - Mast EP

by Tom Ojendyk

Previously releasing music under the name Cat Breath, Pacific Northwest synth wizard Marron’s latest release is a two-song EP of clobbering dance music that’s catchy as well as powerful. Produced using a Polyend Tracker, Eurorack modules, a MiniKorg 700fs, and other hardware and synths, the EP is hard-hitting techno with heavy beats and a dark industrial edge to it. The music is welcomingly aggressive with glitched out pulsating arpeggios on top of driving rhythms that work well either on the dance floor or in a dungeon. Both tracks have a bit of an 80s EBM vibe with the mix of repetitive and cool sequencer lines and dance beats, but they don’t feel like throwbacks, as instead Meagan is able to inject a modern sense to them. Very cool.

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