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Nathan Moody - Heliopause

Nathan Moody - Heliopause

by Sam Chittenden

Heliopause is the threshold of our solar system. A kind of boundary where balance is achieved between our sun's influence and the forces of interstellar space. If the idea of traversing that boundary fills you with both awe and anxiety then Nathan Moody's Heliopause is the perfect soundtrack for your imagination.

Composed on a Buchla 200 series, the weighty, resonant timbres and rewarding harmonic interplay evoke a universe that is gritty and expansive rather than serene and tidy.

Undertones of darkness and danger imbue the tracks, hinting at underlying unease, a whisper of existential dread. There are glimpses of the vast beauty, the emptiness, and the threatening cold of deep space. The sobering realization of being infinitesimally insignificant.

Inspired in part by the travels of NASA's Voyager 2—a spacecraft that is now over 11 billion miles from earth—Heliopause is both a celebration and exploration of tone and an exercise in restraint. There is a lovely heft to the sounds and a tightness to the compositions that are perfectly evocative of the vastly inspirational subject matter but never drag on into oblivion. There are no action sequences or starship battles to be found here, only languid lucidity and horrible beauty.