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ONA - Nano Modules

ONA - Nano Modules

by Sam Chittenden

Nano Module’s ONA is an all-analogue triangle-core oscillator that features a variety of classic waveform outputs, along with both sub and complex waveform outputs that is solidly built with an attractive black, gold, and white color scheme. There’s nothing hidden here, and ONA offers a lot of versatility, and can be used as a VCO of an LFO.
Tuning controls for ONA are taken care of with a large 8-octave rotary switch and a fine tune control with a range of just over an octave [+/- 7 semitone range from center]. There is an attenuator for the frequency modulation input as well as a mini pot for manual pulse width control [which acts as an attenuator for external input] and two toggle switches; one to select between linear and exponential response for the FM, and one to select the frequency range of the oscillator.
All inputs and outputs are contained in three rows of jacks in the bottom half of the module-a nice layout that keeps the module’s controls clear of patch cables. ONA features outputs for eight waveforms simultaneously which are arranged in two rows of four jacks, with the sine, triangle, sawtooth, and pulse wave outputs along the bottom row, and two square wave sub-octave [-1 and -2 octaves] and two complex wave outputs just above. Inputs for frequency modulation, 1V/oct pitch control, hard sync, and pulse width modulation round out a third row.
The classic waveforms sound great, with a nice buzzy saw and weighty pulse wave that provide plenty of filter fodder, a clean sine, and a mellow triangle that makes a great kick drum foundation. The inclusion of the two sub-octave squares is really handy to add some heft to a patch if needed and the two complex outs [a triangle + pulse and a saw + pulse] sound great. Since the pulse width used in both can be modulated, they provide nice sources of movement and more interesting timbres without needing to incorporate any outside waveform mixing. The module allows for some nice self patching in order to get some more ripping tones and some ripping tones are to be had with audio-rate pulse width modulation or punching one of the simple waveforms into the FM input.
As an LFO, ONA is equally versatile. With a nice wide range and the available varied waveforms [I’m looking at you pulse width modulated complex outputs] it’s easy to patch up interesting modulation shapes to send around your system.
It’s slim-but-not-micro width, has great feeling controls with a sensible i/o arrangement, and a wealth of options. All of this make ONA a joy to use, and as either an LFO or VCO it’s a great partner and really shines when used as a classic toolbox for more complex inter-modulated tones, interesting waveshapes, and multi-voice combinations. ONA sounds fantastic and is a strong contender for my favorite basic, no-nonsense, oscillator.

8 HP +12v 50mA -12v 30mA
Price: $164