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Onur Żłobnicki - 355/113

Onur Żłobnicki - 355/113

by Ian Rapp

Onur Żłobnicki is Keven Michael-Onur Kalaycioglu-Żłobnicki, also known as the man behind Zlob Modular. The two nearly twenty minute tracks on 355/113 were made with a combination of Eurorack modules, guitar pedals, and some algorithmically generated samples using Pure Data. Maybe it’s the algorithm that’s adding the sense of dystopian madness? Hard to tell. First track “Sentinel” ushers in a sinister drone, like a slowed down ship brushing the side of an iceberg, getting off easy until it gets forever trapped in a sheet of never-ending ice just moments later. “Inverted Icecream Cone with Teeth” is more of the same, and this would not be out of place being played in a sadistic dentist’s office, perhaps the highest compliment I’ve ever given to a song.

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