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Paco Maddalena - Itinere

Paco Maddalena - Itinere

by Tom Ojendyk

Histamine Tapes has been a reliable purveyor of experimental releases over the past several years and this very cool release from Italian artist Paco Maddalena is a wonderful mix of electro-acoustic and field recordings that’s mellow yet captivating, highly focused and concise. Using a Soma Lyra8 and a modular system, Paco creates pensive and melodic pieces that wisely don’t overpower the listener with any unnecessary clutter and instead include many welcome subtleties and nuances that add to the compositions. The field recordings complement the sound and are strategically placed without being distracting or sidetracking the music. Paco’s also a filmmaker and while the music would work great as part of an art installation or a soundtrack, it really does stand on its own and is quite a successful release.

Histamine Tapes