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Paul Alty - Branches & Blooms

Paul Alty - Branches & Blooms

by Tom Ojendyk

Branches & Blooms, by Liverpudlian modular synth wizard and lighting specialist Paul Alty, was composed using Clatters Machine’s The Garden Listener Eurorack module to record “the biofeedback of plants and living objects.” A variety of plants across various lifespans were used and nearly all of the triggers and gates were from plants. I am not going to pretend to understand how any of this worked but the end result is a deep and intriguing listen that shows the natural and wonderful ambience of plants. The music was originally included as art work accompanying an exhibition, which must have been spectacular, but is also works well as a stand-alone ambient release. The longer pieces are especially fascinating, and all in all, a great immersive listening experience.

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