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R beny - natural fiction

R beny - natural fiction

by Ian Rapp

Austin Cairns, better known in musical realms as r beny, is an auteur of the magic, the transcendental, the otherworldly. His most excellent catalog’s latest entry, natural fiction, is nothing more than another stellar feather in his cap. He has a way with textures and layers, found sounds and not-so-found ones, creating worlds which I never want to leave.

First track, "alone in the pavilion", has mellow pinging when a layer of fog comes in to interact, acting as a thin blanket. "shimmering and obvious" is neither. Are those choir vocals stretched out? Slow down strings? No matter. Stop trying to decipher, just listen, be a part of it.

Throughout natural fiction I kept wondering, “Where is there fleeting, mysterious, delicate beauty like this in the world? Anywhere?” All of those memories from long ago that you hold too close, that disappear into the ether when you try too hard to remember them, to live them in them once more? This is their sound, their breath, their language.