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Right Angle/Splitter Cables - Zlob Modular

Right Angle/Splitter Cables - Zlob Modular

by Ellison Wolf

And speaking of Zlob Modular...When it comes to patch cables in my Eurorack rig, I must say that I have a little banana envy. Those banana cables are just really nice to patch with and the ones with the built in mult are cool and useful. There are a couple of similar versions in Euro format, but they can be spendy and bulky and because of these issues I find myself just using a mult [yes, the Catwalk Mult] instead.
Zlob Modular has come out with a line of patch cables that are handsomely done with the Zlob logo on one side of the barrel and with a nice thickness and heft to them. The ones that were sent for review are lime green and glow in the dark, something I’m always down for. They’re not just riffing on the banana cables, they’re their own cable.
First up is a Y splitter mono to dual mono male cable. With this, you can plug into one thing, and you’ve got two instances of it to spread around. These are nice because they don’t hog space and are a simple and quick way to send one signal to dual inputs without the need for any other module or multing gadget, and in a small rig these are really handy. They come in various colors and sizes.
The other cable I was sent is a male mono to dual female mono, which is a little more versatile as you can use any size cable to patch into the female end. I wound up using these all of the time while testing other modules. These are a one size fits all deal, and retail for around $2 each.
According to Zlob it’s recommended that “These should not be used to mix gates/triggers unless the outputs on those particular modules are protected”, so take heed all ye whom patcheth with reckless wantonness. I thought I was all set cable wise, but these have become a useful addition to my patch cable quiver.
Multiple colors and sizes