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Saloli - Canyon

Saloli - Canyon

by Tom Ojendyk

Saloli is Portland-based pianist and synth player Mary Sutton and this is the follow up to her excellent 2018 release also on Kranky, The Deep End. For this record, the compositions are meant to “evoke a day in the life of a bear in a canyon in the Smoky Mountains,” and the music was recorded live using a Sequential Circuits MultiTrak synthesizer. The eight tracks show a diverse range of sounds from spirited to grand, and are thoughtful with articulate themes, expressive eloquent melodies, and tight arrangements that capture Canyon’s concept well. While it’s instrumental, the music still seems lyrical, and each piece flows nicely together as a whole. Saloli obviously spends a lot of time and consideration with her recordings and all of the sounds are well-placed with a sense of purpose. The music is personal but also rich and inviting, and Canyon is a nice reminder that Saloli is one of the most talented composers in the Pacific Northwest.