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Sarah Belle Reid & David Rosenboom - Nows

Sarah Belle Reid & David Rosenboom - Nows

by Tom Ojendyk

This collaboration between two expert composers and performers is strongly avant-garde and highly immersive, full of radical experimentation. Rosenboom has been producing music since the 1970s and has worked with folks such as Anthony Braxton and Don Buchla, while Reid has been performing since the 2010s and has worked with Wadada Leo Smith, Charlie Haden, and Julia Holter. All in all, impressive resumés for both of the performers, so it’s no surprise how well this collaboration works. The music is a great mix of electronics and instruments such as trumpets, flugelhorns, etc., and the compositions are abstract but not overbearing, complex yet welcoming. There is a lot going on so the pieces reveal themselves with each listen, and fans of experimental music will appreciate this release.

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