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Scanner - Wing Pinger

Scanner - Wing Pinger

by Ian Rapp

A true exercise in economy, Scanner’s Wing Pinger was made with Meng Qi’s tabletop synthesizer of the same name, a few effects, and nothing else. Composed entirely live, Wing Pinger is equal parts playful, “pingy” [what did you expect?], percussive, glitchy, and aquatic. The array of sounds and moods Scanner pulls from Meng Qi’s creation makes for a worthy study in the mastery of an abstract instrument as well as an excellent listen. Still, it’s Scanner’s gift with space that makes this release so interesting, evocative, and full of beautiful moments. Small, subtle movements on the Wing Pinger can yield big changes, and Scanner has the deft hands and skills to create moving, timbral-rich soundscapes as well as empty, abandoned warehouses full of forgotten-ness.