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Takahiro Mukai - Multiple Connections

Takahiro Mukai - Multiple Connections

by Ian Rapp

Multiple Connections by Takahiro Mukai is an interesting and textured album. Is it chip tune glitch? Is it 8-bit industrial? Is it a jam band for robots? Over the course of eight, not dissimilar tracks, Multiple Connections offers up a series of layered yet minimalistic tunes with interesting rhythmic interactions and evolutions.

The vibe is consistently crushed and distorted with buzzy blips and plenty of driven bass lines. The sound is dry and in your face with hints of depth in the interplay between the parts. I miss a certain tension and release and most tracks fall into a somewhat driving and consistent momentum with little dynamic push and pull. Nevertheless, that inertial intransigence makes for a certain consistency, one that will mesh perfectly with a late-night chase scene through a steam-filled under-city tunnel system.