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Tendrils - Right Angle Patch Cables

Tendrils - Right Angle Patch Cables

by Ellison Wolf

My modular performance/travel case is a $5 thrift store find that I pulled into use because I thought I could have modules on both the bottom and the lid and still be able to leave all patched up when closed. Well, normal patch cables are too tall, so when carrying it to and from gigs I’ve either had to unpatch everything, carry the bottom and top of the case separately, or wedge a towel in between both sides to keep the case partially opened. These are hardly ideal “solutions” and I quickly realized that I would need to go for some right angle patch cables if I wanted my case to function as desired. There aren’t a lot of these to choose from, but after doing some online searching I wound up ordering a few multi-packs of Tendrils cables from Analogue Haven, the only place that carries them in the US.

I really like the weight of these cables as they’re not unnecessarily beefy and therefore don’t clutter my view or take up any more space than they have to. They come in a multitude of colors and lengths [10/15/20/30/45/60 cm] and are so low profile, that they actually sit below every knob in my setup. They’re exactly what I was looking for and I can now say, both in jest and in seriousness: Case closed.

I mean, I rest my case. I mean…

Price: from $1.79 ea. to $14.99 for a 6 pack