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Thierry Holweck - Cubic Vision Volume 2

Thierry Holweck - Cubic Vision Volume 2

by Ellison Wolf

Clocking in at one second past an hour, Thierry Holweck utilizes field recordings and modular in a meditative and soothing way, to produce his latest, Cubic Vision Volume 2, in a way that reminds me of the positive-vibed innocence of Icelandic band Mum’s 2002 release Finally We Are No One. Thierry visited parks around his French hometown of Lyon, capturing the sounds he finds there to use in his pieces. CVV2 is a nice listen, and all of the tracks were recorded live—no overdubbing. Granted, if you need some grit and darkness to get you through the hours then you may want to look elsewhere as there’s not much of that to be found here, but if you need something uplifting—some musique du parc, I suppose—this may be your ticket. All I know is that it makes me want to book a train to Lyon.

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