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Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - The Bridge

Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - The Bridge

by Tom Ojendyk

A very welcome reissue of one of the best and most underrated releases from the UK post-punk era. Thomas Leer and Robert Rental were both Scottish musicians who individually released brilliant DIY singles in the late 70s before collaborating on this record that was originally released on Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Records in 1970. Along with The Normal’s classic debut single “T.V.O.D.” b/w “Warm Leatherette” and pre-ABC band Vice Versa’s debut EP, the Bridge helped the British underground transition to synth pop. However, this music is still experimental with strong roots in post-punk and 70’s German electronic music, and while the instrumentation or home studio production might seem “primitive,” Leer and Rental used that to their advantage because the music is direct and never too busy. Highly recommended. 

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