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Tim Held- Music To Come Down To

Tim Held- Music To Come Down To

by Sam Chittenden

If you need an offramp for your chattering brain at the tail end of a vacation to a higher plane, Podular Modcast host Tim Held's Music To Come Down To wants to be your gentle descent to a calmer state of mind. The album certainly succeeds in offering up a chill and meandering journey through its ten tracks. Textures fade in and out, mingling with melodic lines that bubble up and fade away.

"Psychopomp" swells up–breathy and shimmery and is submerged with distant hints of sound. There are moments of confident simplicity in tracks like "Numinosum"–featuring a beautiful melodic synth line–and there are glimpses of darker spaces as well. "Demiurge" takes a mysterious bent with some lovely trembling tones and tape like rumble underneath undulating soft pads and plucked notes.

The album as a whole is subtle and expressive with just enough movement and variety to hold your musical interest. True to the title, Music To Come Down To invites the listener to relax and absorb its offerings as they wash over you.</p>