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Tim Held & Steven Jett - Kitty Safari

Tim Held & Steven Jett - Kitty Safari

by Ellison Wolf

What do you get when you cross a pipe-organ builder with a podcaster with a penchant for costumes? Well, a lovely piano and modular album, of course! Kitty Safari, sees Steven Jett [the organ builder] and Tim Held [the podcaster, Podular Modcast] creating a beautiful and touching eight tracks spanning about forty minutes. With plenty of late-night piano meditations ripe with neo-classical moments, ambient flourishes, and toned down modular embellishments, Kitty Safari is more than the sum of the parts. The piano mostly sounds sad and serious with the background atmosphere acting as a stand-in for old family movies from times gone by, where the cellulose is nearly worn through, overplayed and decrepit in the parts where long-lost loved ones can still live on.

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