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Tone Science Module No.3 - Cosines and Tangents - Various Artists

Tone Science Module No.3 - Cosines and Tangents - Various Artists

by Sam Chittenden

Cosines and Tangents is the third compilation in DiN Record's modular synth focused Tone Science series. It's a well-curated album featuring nine different modular-focused artists.

The album's tracks all lean towards the ambient end of the spectrum and many of the tracks are relatively sparse explorations of timbre and the evolution of tone. From the pulsing shimmer of Robert Rich's "Cyclosporum," to the subtle hints of metallic harshness found in Caspar Hesselager's "Divided Apparatus," to the buzzy, electrostatic fuzz and layered vibes of Eden Grey's "AVA 2," each track delights in explorations of their respective microcosms of sound.

I found myself drawn into the used and dirty, future world of Radek Rudniki's "En Edge." Snippets of voice, effected strings, and chime-like, breathy bell textures evoke a dark back alley in the future present Los Angeles of Blade Runner.

Accessible in general but inviting repeat listens, the tracks share similar trajectories of evolving, pleasant washes of sound, well-crafted synth tones, and a smattering of eclectic textures. A sampler album for sure, but one that can be enjoyed from start to finish and absolutely encourages the listener to explore each of the included artists further.