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Various Artists - Hordijk, Vol 1

Various Artists - Hordijk, Vol 1

by Tom Ojendyk

This is a nice mix of international artists paying tribute to Dutch modular synthesis equipment designer Rob Hordijk. Some recognizable names such as Jim O’Rourke, Richard Scott, Todd Barton, Jos Smolders, and Gino Robair as well as some newer or less familiar artists such as Sam Weaver and Biyi Amez possibly making their debut. The music is all highly experimental electronics that freely moves, shape shifts, and can go from warm to abrasive to mysterious all in a moment’s notice. While each artist seems to focus on different motifs of themes, the pieces all flow quite nicely together and give the listener an overview of the immense depth and ranges of Hordijk’s instruments. A very nice tribute. I'm looking forward to future volumes.

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