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Various Artists - Tone Science No. 2: Elements and Particles

Various Artists - Tone Science No. 2: Elements and Particles

by Ellison Wolf

UK composer and musician Ian Boddy has been releasing records for quite a while, having established his DiN record label some 20 years ago. No. 2: Elements and Particles is the second offering of his new-ish modular focused sub-label, Tone Science, which he established in 2018. A cool feature in this comp is that the liner notes detail the synths/tools used to create each piece, with some very familiar names contributing to the record.

Featuring 9 tracks, and running at just over 60 minutes, Elements twists and turns, starting with Todd Barton’s, beautiful Buchla created "Floating World", moving on to German based Hainbach's utilization of Peter Blasser’s Ciat-Lonbarde [interview forthcoming in Waveform #2!] wood based instruments, to more Buchla, but with a harder feel, from Nathan Moody on his track, “Prophet and Loss”, and ending with r Beny’s gorgeous “Marine Layer”. Every track on this compilation is worth a listen, and I’m looking forward to Tone Science No. 3 and beyond!