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Vince Clarke - Songs of Silence

Vince Clarke - Songs of Silence

by Tom Ojendyk

Known for having an impeccable resumé that includes such music titans as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, the Assembly, and Erasure, Vince Clarke’s career started in the late 70s but it has, amazingly, taken until now for his first solo outing, Songs of Silence. While his most famous bands are known for danceable synth pop, Songs of Silence is a majestic, yet solemn electronic ambient album that’s well-crafted, ambitious, and captivating. When making the record, Clarke decided to only use a Eurorack setup and decided that all of the tracks would have one tonal center. Limitations can encourage inspiration while helping one remain focused, and Vince certainly sounds inspired on Songs of Silence. While these ten tracks might seem like a huge departure from his more known work, fans of his prior bands as well as ambient fans in general will find a lot to like about this release.