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1U EFX Pedal Interface 14HP Module Waveform DIY Project

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The Waveform 1U EFX Pedal Interface Pedal Adapter is a module that can easily go from Eurorack to effects pedals and solves a few problems we kept encountering when trying to interface our pedal board with our modules. The first is that sometimes the modular level is too hot for a given pedal's input. The Pedal Adapter solves this by using an attenuator to tame this when needed, as well as a boost to come back from your pedals into your modular rig to get the level up.

The other problem we kept having is the need for adapters to interface with our pedals. By using 1/4" jacks to go to and from your pedals, we've eliminated the need for adapters. Easy peasy. Just like the build for this module...

The Pedal Adapter is 14HP, and has a black and silver faceplate. Instructions on how to build this are located in our Build Guide section on our website.

All Waveform 1U modules use the Intellijel size format.