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Cat Powr 1U or 3U Pedal/Device Power Module Waveform DIY Project

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The Waveform Cat Powr can be either a 1U (24HP) or 3U (4HP) module to power your pedals and devices and takes power from the + and - 12V rails of your modular rig and uses that for powering exterior devices and there are 2.1mm barrel connectors for powering items that need +/- 12V and +/-9V.

The voltage for the +/- 9V outputs are adjustable so that it is possible to simulate a dying battery, sometimes desired when using various fuzz/distortion boxes. Feel free to experiment, but do so at your own risk. Digital/DSP-based effects units will most likely not benefit from this and might be damaged by doing so, but this can create some cool distortion effects when used along with the right analog pedals.

Cat Powr also provides two +5V USB power outlets for powering LED lamps or charging devices, though please note that your Eurorack power supply must have +5V for the USB connectors to work. If your rig doesn't provide a +5V power rail, there are easy and inexpensive ways to add this.

The instructions on how to build this can be found on our Build Guide page. Faceplate is black with silver.

2 x DC barrel connector cables are included with the kit and assembled module as well as Eurorack screws and a Eurorack power cable.


*USB outlets do not pass any data.

*USB connectors are meant to be used for low power consumption devices like charging your phone, a TE Pocket Operator, or a gooseneck LED lamp, not to exceed 1A. Not recommended for powering your 1010 BlueBox. Trust us.

ALWAYS CHECK THE POLARITY OF THE PEDAL/DEVICE YOU ARE POWERING to match that of the plug you are powering it with and make sure you understand what center positive and center negative mean. The “+” on Cat Powr means center positive, and the “-” is center negative.

All Waveform 1U modules use the Intellijel size format.


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