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NEW! The Sound of Mewsic DELUXE Speaker + 3-channel Mixer 12 HP

$83.00 - $121.00
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The Sound of Mewsic Eurorack Speaker Deluxe is a 3-channel mixer with a main output volume control into an almost 1W speaker! The speaker can be bypassed if desired so that this can be used as a normal 3-channel mixer via the main output. While the Sound of Mewsic Deluxe probably won’t crumble the walls of your synth cave with its low end, we sourced a pretty decent sounding speaker—especially for the size/cost—and have been very happy with it so far.

This is pretty easy to build, with most components being SMD and already in place for you, so there are only a few things to solder in (jacks, pots, header...), and minimal wiring to get your Sound of Mewsic Deluxe up and running. If you can hold a soldering iron, you can build the Sound of Mewsic Deluxe. The instructions on how to build this can be found on our Build Guide page. Faceplate is black and silver and is reversible with our Louis Vuitton inspired cat-emblazoned pattern on one side, and a more subdued all black aesthetic on the other.

Please watch the build video before building to ensure a successful build.


Depth is 45mm

Current draw when idle:3mA +12V / 0mA-12V / 0mA 5V

Current draw when active:up to 300mA +12V / 0mA-12V / 0mA 5V

Note: There is some high end bleed through from speaker when output is used and speaker is bypassed.


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